kolmapäev, 3. aprill 2019

Camp by Zinaida

So, me and my class went to the camp to Padise Manor.We also had our older mates from second course they are older 
than us. First day was a little bit boring but also we were kinda excited to get to know each other. And when the day was 
over I was happy that now I have more friends and I did not think of this camp badly anymore.

I had a roommate Cristiine. We communicate with her very well and I was happy that we got in one room because 
I can stand her for three days. When we came to our room we were surprised in the good way. Our room was 
very beautiful and we had very big and fluffy bed. But one thing 
was irritating me so much, on my side of wall was portrait of a man and it was so creepy that I could not sleep at all.

Second day was full activities and we were doing different tasks. It was another interesting day and we had to
 do the last task that our teacher gave us. We needed to make a video, and we were separated in the groups. 
My team needed to make a video of how to clean a room. We made a good video and I was in a positive mood all day.
 In the end of a day we watched all videos. After ,we chose to watch a horror movie I was now in the “ scared little girl “ 
mood. After the movie we had fun with girls, we made makeup and dressed up, then went to take pictures.

Third day was last and we were doing tests, talking about camp and waiting for the moment we can go home. 
Altogether it was fun.
The food at the camp was so good I would have stayed there only because of that.

reede, 1. veebruar 2019

English camp 2018 by Hanna

  • The first day
This camp was 3 days from 10-12 of december. We went there with two classes. Our bus left from 8:30 from HKHK to 
Padise. We arrived at 10:00 o’clock to Padise. Then we had a guided tour. After we had a lunch. After lunch we met CEO 
of Padise Manor Boutque Hotel. After that we had a group project, to create a video clip about cleaning. When we where 
done we had a break until dinner time. After dinner we had a game night. At 23:00 pm  we went to sleep but we going to
 sleep about 1:00-2:00 am.

  • The second day
We woke at 8:30 am and had a breakfast. 9:30-11:00 am we had one group activity what was made by Vat Theatre. At 
11:00-11:30 am we had a little break. After break we had second group of Vat Theatre with different activities. After we 
had lunch we had to show our projects what we did on the first day. There was two winners from M17 and M18 Then we 
had a long break. In our spear time went to a shop and we was with classmates and sleep a bit. After
 we had dinner we had a movie night, we where watched a scary movie and after me with some classmates we
 called the spirits out. This was scary but interested.

  • The third day
On the last day after breakfast we had Game club activities.  After the games we had a English test and then lunch. After
 lunch we packed things and went to home.

kolmapäev, 30. jaanuar 2019

Camp of English

We started the camp day at school,going by bus to Padise Manor. The guide told us about the history of the manor and the history of the monastery next to it. They are said to be haunted in both places.

This place is very beautiful, cozy and pleasant.
I like the peculiarity of this place.
We stayed on the first and second floor.

The rooms were different, some with one large bed, some with separate beds. Some rooms had a Whirlpool, but others had an ordinary shower.

Padise Manor outside and view of the monastery

Siret Põldäär

neljapäev, 24. jaanuar 2019

Language camp by Andra- Mai

Language camp

We went to English language camp and stayed over at Padise Manor for three days.There was free
 food,really nice bedrooms and some English tasks.

The first day:
We went there on Monday early morning by bus,after we arrived,we had a walk around the Padise 
Monastery.After walk we had lunch break.Later we listened a man who introduced us the Padise
 Manor.From 14.00 to 18.00 we had a task to make a video.In the evening it was time for games.At 
23.00 we had to go to sleep.

The second day:
We woke up at 8 am and had an amazing breakfast.On that day we had two different
 workshops.After that later we had to show the video about solving the situation.And then we had 
dinner and really creepy evening.About that,we called out the ghosts and stuff,some of us were really
 scared but I still don't believe the ghosts.

The third and the last day:
8.30-9.15 another breakfast,it was amazing again.On that day we had a language test to prove how 
much we learned english.After the test we had to pack our bags and wait the bus.

I have to say thank you for the fun and really good food,people were nice and everyone had fun there, 
I really suggest you to go there,really beautiful and interesting place to be.

Pictures taken from the official website of Padise Manor.

kolmapäev, 23. jaanuar 2019

English language camp by Cristiine and Reely

English language camp

We started the camp day at the school, going by bus to Padise Manor. 
The guide introduced the Manor of Padise Monastery and its surroundings and its history.
 I was very pleased with the presentation of the guide. Following his example, 
I learned that it is important to know the history and communication skills of people. 
At the end of the walk we headed to the manor. We got our rooms and packed the luggage. 
The rooms were really beautiful and luxurious. We put our stuff in the rooms and made the first pictures 
of the manor. Then we went to eat. Every day, the food was simply superb, praising the chef. After the 
meal Jukka introduced Pietiläinen manor.
The whole camp event was held in English. For the first day of the evening, we were given a group job, 
where we had to make a film about our profession. We conducted a video tutorial with our group on 
how to clean the room and toilet. At the end of the day, we sat with the girls and just talked. The second day
 we started at the forum theater at Vat Theater, after a workshop in Impresso Theater. In 
these workshops we solved various tasks, problems that may occur in the accommodation
 establishments. Everyone was very fun, we got a lot of laughs and teamwork again. In the evening we
 watched the videos made the previous day. The best video from our class was Mad Ivika. I liked all the
 videos because they were not just randomly assembled. After watching the videos, was there a big 
dispute about what kind of movie anyone wanted to watch? I gave up watching the movie and went to
 play the English alphabet. Some classmates wanted to learn more about the spirit of Padise Manor in
 the evening. He studied the spirit and tried to call him out. I didn't take part in it, we talked to the girls.
On the last day, The Game Club organized various English-language games that we all could play. 
The most interesting game I liked was one where one player saw a picture of different shapes. The 
player had to explain the picture to the other, the second player to the third, and the third player drew 
the thought on the paper as he understood. It was nice to do teamwork again and improve my English 
skills. At the end of the camp we had to perform an English-language test in the internet environment.
All in all, the camp was very nice. I got closer to my classmates and dared to ask for help if I didn't 
understand anything. I improved my knowledge of English and learned to solve different situations in 
my own specialty.

teisipäev, 22. jaanuar 2019

English camp 2018

English camp 2018

First day

We arrived to Padise at 9.45 and at 10.15 we had a guided tour, it was about Padise’s history. And after that we had dinner and got to see our rooms. Later we made cleaning videos. 

Second day

At 11.30 we had workroom made by Vat Teater, one was forum theater and the other was improvisation theater. At 14.00 we  presented the group work that we made during the first day. In the evening we had games night, where some of us got to watch horror movies and the others who didn't want to watch had a chance to play UNO and other games. 

Third day 

At 10.00 we had the game club actvities and games. At 12.00 we had a english level test, and after that we cleaned our rooms and left from Padise Manor house to hkhk. 

Language camp by Helsanna

Language camp

Monday (10.12)
The bus set off from the school car park at 8.30 and we arrived at Padise 
Manor around 10.00.
When we reached the Padise Manor we walked with the guide around the 
 manor and inside the house. (Guide was Heli Nuger)

At 11.00 we checked our rooms and unpacked our bags. 
My room was very beautiful and large. There was also a jacuzzi in the bathroom. 
The bedroom had a huge bed, a spacious closet and two large mirrors. Our room 
was on the second floor with two windows, one with a view to the abbey and the 
At 12.00 we ate lunch and after that Jukka Pietiläinen told us about the history 
of the manor, what it’s doing now and what customers mostly visit there.
We made a video about how room service shouldn't clean up rooms.  The 
video had to be 7 minutes long but ours was shorter. The best video was 
awarded a candy box and the winners were my classmates. We ate dinner and
after that we played Kahoot. We also played board games and group games. 
The winners had to put their hand in the bag and what they crabbed was their 
award. At 23.00 we all started to get ready for bed. The night was very scary 
because somebody had said that the mansion was haunted and every voice 
woke us up. We turned on the TV overnight to get a little better sleep.

Tuesday (11.12)
At 8.30 to 9.15 we had breakfast. We got to choose our food from the buffet. 
Breakfast was very delicious.
At 9.30 some famous actors from the Vat Theater came to do various activities 
with us. We communicated with a client on the phone, solved different problems 
and dealt with complaints. These activities were very cool and I got lots of new 
At 11.00 - 11.30 we had a break. After that we switched the workrooms with 
another class.
At 13.00 to 14.00 we had lunch.
14.00 to 18.00 we watched the videos made on the first day and chose the 
best ones. The videos were very funny. And then we ate dinner.
After dinner we had a movie night. Others decided to watch horror films 
but I didn't watch them because I can’t sleep at night then. I was in my room 
for a while and then went to play card games with some friends. After that we 
all started to get ready for bed. Some of my classmates were also afraid to sleep 
in their room, so we decided to sleep all in one bed to have better sleep. At first 
we turned on the TV but turned it off because it wasn’t so scary to sleep with other

Wednesday (12.12)
At 8.30 to 9.15 we had breakfast.
The Game Club organized various games for us. The aim of the games was to 
develop our language skills, attentiveness and cooperation skills.
At the end of the camp we also did language tests. We packed our things and took
 a picture with all of the students and teachers.
We ate lunch.
At 13.00 we started driving back to the school.
The camp was very cool and instructive. I got a lot of new knowledge and 
developed my language skills.
I think they should do more them because it helps to develop the language and if 
there are problems with English these are very useful.

Thank you to the teacher and everyone who worked with us!

esmaspäev, 21. jaanuar 2019

Eneli, Janelle

English Camp

10.12-12.12 we went to the English language camp in Padise Manor.
I share a room with Janelle.
 The camp was with us yet M-18
The food was very delicious.
Very good and fancy rooms.
We remember Entertainment and very friendly teachers. We remember also the movie night. This was a little bit scary. 
Thank you!!!!!!